PR and Social Media

13 Nov

According to the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) website, “Public Relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.” When I started my PR class, this is really all I knew about PR. I knew that public relations helps create a relationship between a company and its publics. I didn’t know there was so much history and extra details that go into PR. With the new age, PR has a lot to do with social media. According to Heidi Cohen’s blog, there are multiple definitions of social media. I knew about Facebook and Twitter, but I had no idea that there were so many other social media sites. I didn’t realize Flixr was considered social media. I considered social media as being able to connect with others through Facebook or Twitter. But now I realize that you are connecting with people by using Flixr, because they can see what you are posting and they can write comments.

After taking PR, I have a better understanding of public relations and what it is all about. I know more aspects of PR and how many different things you can do with a PR degree. I also have a better understanding of social media and what all I can do with it. I plan to expand myself with social media and use the channels in a professional way. Also, I use Twitter to inform my PRSSA chapter about upcoming events or even keeping them updated when I was at National Conference. If I had not learned more about Twitter in PR, I may not have been as involved. Social media is a big part of this new age and I plan to use it every day to help me succeed in life.


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